About Mobile Revolving Boards

Franken Mobile Revolving Boards are the solution for using double sided boards on a mobile stand.
A 360° revolving board that can be fixed at any angle. Ensures perfect mobility when needed and stillness when in use.

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Franken Wood Mobile Revolving WhiteboardFranken Wood Mobile Revolving Whiteboard

Mobile Revolving Whiteboard

Code: STC6871H
EAN: 4016946717632
Packaging: 159 Length (cm)| 109 Width (cm)| 3 Height (cm)| 32,9 Weight (kg)

. Double sided whiteboard on a mobile stand, magnetic, dry wipe;
. Board in wood look, steel stand in slate grey, integrated marker tray;
. Robust stand with four lockable castors, to ensure perfect mobility when needed and stillness when in use;
. The 360° revolving board can be fixed at any angle;
. Board size: 150 x 100 cm, writing surface: 141 x 100 cm;
. Total heigth: 172 cm, depth: 64 cm, width: 162 cm.


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