About Mobile Revolving Boards

Franken Mobile Revolving Boards are the solution for using double sided boards on a mobile stand.
A 360° revolving board that can be fixed at any angle. Ensures perfect mobility when needed and stillness when in use.

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Glass Mobile Revolving WhiteboardGlass Mobile Revolving Whiteboard

Glass Mobile Revolving Whiteboard

Code: GTST9012
EAN: 4016946715928
Packaging: 153 Length (cm)| 112 Width (cm)| 20 Height (cm)| 25,5 Weight (kg)

. Total Height 178 cm;
. A double sided magnetic whiteboard on a mobile stand;
. The board can be rotated 360° and fixed at any angle for easy writing;
. To ensure perfect mobility, the robust stand has four castor wheels;
. Two of the wheels are lockable to ensure complete stillness when the product is in use;
. The glass surface is ideal for long-term intensive use;
. Drywipes easily, even after a long period of use;
. 25 years guarantee on the surface made of tempered glass!
. Safety glass in optical white, surface is tempered glass where the normal green glass colour have been eleminated, leaving a clear white glass now;
. An integrated marker tray is included to keep your accessories organised;
. This product is ideal for meeting rooms and offices allowing teams to promote creative brainstorm sessions.

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