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Portable, versatile and for different uses the FRANKEN Flipchart Easels can be used in conference and meeting rooms, as well as in multifunction spaces. It allows the use of flipchart blocks and writing in the magnetic or non magnetic surface.

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Flipchart Easel Mobile TouchFlipchart Easel Mobile Touch

Flipchart Easel Mobile Transformer

Code: FC618
EAN: 4016946717533
Packaging: 118 Length (cm)| 79 Width (cm)| 9 Height (cm)| 18,65 Weight (kg)

. Stand (Ø 64 cm) with 5 lockable castors;
. Magnetic surface (104 x 68 cm);
. Adjustable flipchart pad holders to fit any pad size;
. Height adjustment allows up to 190 cm;
. With 2 extendable arms and integrated marker tray;
. Its adjustability allows seated use for people with some type of disability;
. Converts into a table top;
. Steel, grey.


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