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Prolong the life of your Whiteboard. If your board is used on a daily basis, the cleaning should be performed at least twice per week.

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Disinfectant wipes, pack 100

Code: Z1919
EAN: Z1919
Packaging: 18 Length (cm)| 8 Width (cm)| 8 Height (cm)| 0,27 Weight (kg)

Size: 100 Wipes
Alcohol-free quick disinfection for objects and surfaces in medically and hygienically critical areas. It is rapidly effective, has a very good cleaning power and at the same time preserves sensitive surfaces such as acrylic glass or polycarbonate glass. Purifying and greasesoluble effect and is therefore also very well suitable for solariums. Is ready for use, is wetting evenly, does not form any visible residues and has a very pleasant odour. The good material compatibility allows universal use. With a wide microbiological efficiency in practiceoriented exposure times.

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