Franken CAD Service
Professional 2D and 3D spatial planning for office supply retailers,
planners and architects

With this tool we take now one step further
With the pCON platform that is widely spread among planners we offer you the opportunity of 2D and 3D planning starting with the PRO range, suitable for professional office planning due to its modular combinability and flexibility.
The graphic data for 2D and 3D spatial planning as well as the technologically advanced planning software are available as a free download.

If you want to handle individual customer requirements, you need a professional workflow – no matter if it is for the conceptual design or for tenders. In addition to the expertise of the specialist planner the availability of information is crucial. This is why a consistent standard for all office equipment products has been established with OFML®.

Use it for:

. interior planning
. quotation systems
. 2D/3D visualization
. retail management processes

Almost all manufacturers of office furniture in German-speaking countries provide OFML® data of their products. This service is rather rare among visual communication products. FRANKEN being market leader in the office supplies sector fills this gap. Due to the extensive range of application software and the possibility to exchange data with CAD systems product information stored in the OFML® data can be utilized by sales and planning experts equally.

What are OFML data?
OFML data contain graphic product data in 2D and 3D, commercial data such as prices and product descriptions as well as configuration data. These data can be processed and products can be visualized depending on the configuration with customary software.Every planning is already stored with commercial data. This offers two-fold added value because every equipment detail, every accessory not only upgrades your planning but is also directly implanted in your quotation. That means: more expertise, more attention to detail, more added value.

How do you get your FRANKEN OFML data
With pCON.update OFML product data is made available online efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively. The update of data is therefore significantly simplified. Update and installation of the data take place via the DataClient module. Up-to-date databases are thus promptly made available for all users. This creates security and a high degree of flexibility for data updates. For the users installing from CD clearly belongs to the past.

You already use pCon.update?
Then you can upload FRANKEN data via your exising pCon.update installation (DataClient). After successful installation of our data you can choose between a free configuration or several sample configurations (see above). The selection of possible configurations is continuously supplemented.

You do not already use pCon.update
Then you have two options: Either you opt for a direct access to OFML data of ALL manufacturers upon concluding a pCon service agreement. You can get more information at: [email protected]

Or you can just as well register for the free pCon.update marketing version with the below listed downloads that FRANKEN provides to you as a service feature. After your registration the FRANKEN data are activated for you. After a successful activation please install pCon.planner as well as pCon.update DataClient on your computer. Via DataClient your FRANKEN data is automatically uploaded and installed.

If you need more information please contact: [email protected]